“Drum Experiment 2 -(Bir de Benden Dinle)” ;

1 song, 21 drummers, 21 different approaches.

“Drum Experiment” brought together 21 drummers from all around the world.

Drum Experiment 2 “Bir de Benden Dinle” is a project which drummers joined, interpreted and recorded on the world-renowned North Cyriot Fusion Guitarist Okan Ersan’s composition “Gravitational Waves” without any effect or manipulation from producer and without listening to other drummers but only by their own feelings and styles.

Drummers who take part in vary from jazz to rock, from fusion to death metal in their styles.

“Drum Experiment” is a universal project. We’ll be able to watch drummers from different countries and cultural backgrounds such as Turkey, United State, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Cuba and Japan meet at the same song!

Also a fun experiment and an instructional one at the same time. Up and coming young drummers will have a chance to hear drummers, who are masters in their own styles.

Music lovers will witness the diverse world of drummers.

The work which we call “Drum Experiment” will be broadcast for 7 weeks with 3 videos each week.

“Drum Experiment 2” will air on Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Erdal Kaş is the Producer and Director of the project.